Top 10 DJs 2015



 - Les résultats officiels du top 100 des DJ de 2015 sont tombés! Attention, ce que nous redoutions s’est produit (Surement en grande partie du au mode de vote de cette année => (Facebook)).

 - Official results of the top 100 DJs of 2015 have fallen! Attention, what we feared has happened (Probably in large part to the method of voting in this year => (Facebook)).


Down 1

He may have been dethroned after two years at the top of the poll but Hardwell’s bigger than ever. Robbert van de Corput’s 2015 was a very good year even by his bombastic standards.


Up 1

It’s incredible to think that Martin Garrix isn’t legally allowed to drink alcohol at the EDM festivals he's been a fixture at the past few years.


Down 1

“I think it’s a really odd phenomenon,” Armin van Buuren says matter-of-factly down the phone line.


No change

Forget collaborations with the likes of Usher and Bieber. Forget the six Grammys and the 19 million Facebook fans.

No change

“It's like you're driving a Ferrari at full speed, and that's fun and I love that energy; that adrenaline,” Steve Aoki tells DJ Mag over the phone from his car, but not while driving (we hope).